The BA Issues Al-Ghazālī’s The Alchemy of Happiness

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The BA Manuscripts Center issued the translation of the first part of Abū Ḥāmid Al-Ghazālī’s book, The Alchemy of Happiness. The book is translated and commented on by Researcher Ahmed Abdel Rahim, and includes the translation of Al-Ghazālī’s four types of knowledge: the Knowledge of the Self, the Knowledge of God, the Knowledge of the World and the Knowledge of the Afterlife.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Ghazālī wrote this book in Persian under the title Kimiya-yi Sa'ādat in two volumes, and small parts of them were translated in Arabic. The book as a whole is on Sunni Sufism.

The translation of Al-Ghazālī’s The Alchemy of Happiness is part of the Manuscripts Center interest in translating the gems of Arab and Islamic heritage from different languages into Arabic. The center also works on translating Arab heritage from Arabic into several foreign languages.