BA Antiquities Museum Summer Program

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The BA Antiquities Museum is organizing its summer program for the twentieth consecutive year, for children and young people aged 9 – 17, within the scope of Alexandria Governorate.

The activity is based on a carefully selected group of artifacts to attract participants, as it gives them an opportunity for research, experimentation and scientific and artistic creativity. This program underscores artistic development and archaeological awareness, and aims to make learning an enjoyable experience.

The activity runs from Thursday, 20 July to Wednesday, 20 September 2023, under the supervision of curator Nermine Nabil. Due to the limited number of places, participants will be tested before joining the activity. The activity will run every day except on Fridays. As for Saturdays, the available dates will be agreed upon with the participants. The activity includes lectures conducted by museum specialists, with an aim of spreading archaeological awareness. In addition, the program features art competitions and research projects on distinguished historical figures, as well as activities to celebrate Children's and Orphan’s days.

This activity is divided into three categories according to age groups. Each category has specific dates, so that the participants can carry out various artworks in different ways and materials.

An exhibition will be staged for the participants at the end of the program, and a ceremony will be organized to hand them certificates of appreciation, the date of which will be announced on the Antiquities Museum’s website: