Developing E-Resources Course

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As part of the International Librarianship Training Program, the BA Educational Services Section is organizing a course titled “Developing E-Resources” that will cover the impact of electronic publishing on library collection development policies. The course will introduce the types of electronic resource information; the criteria for selecting this type of resource; and the regulations of building collection databases, in light of the general policy of acquisition. Moreover, the course will also present measures of assessing E-content in terms of the nature of the product, the license of use, the methods of access, the price, among others. The lectures will also address the methods of evaluating the use of electronic resources in libraries.

The Course will be delivered by BA E-resource specialists on Sunday, 14 December 2014. The deadline for registration is Thursday, 11 December 2014. To register for the course, please visit the International Librarianship Training Program website.